Thrillion eyes seeing…

On moving to the darkest side of hers, there in out of her awearness , of shadows ,she can’t see that it’s its not less than thrillion amounts seeing, and still on side move

And most argued about her way nakedly, vut could never yield a positive change. Her heart almost killed her son. She saw now guilty, she blinded all the thrillion, but me apolished smart wore mind intelligent see low but sure guy remained in my gentle understanding . surely i arrested this killer

MY OWN BREATH heals sickly

Four years now am breaking off out of aful piece of life.but God is for all us rich or poor. And reality means improve to change every minute, but not rigid in all circumstances how ever GoD meets every one every minute ,successes and honors. today my story is that my own breath is too unique and lucking it shall establish lots change of our live but dont mind my gentle talk is owsome if only you make it reach your mind this is so great!! imagine my wards as are so sudden and every one likes reaching them LOVE its so beautiful. so sounding so joyful sobright so cretive lastly, love made ranny look like a lorry” But healing is hand gift from God script it into amind men cant walk !!! why do they need to walk ? God loves every one. for that ever one must know ONE THING SO MIRACUROUS GOD MADE Me Is that my mind made a great impact to whole of my life

And since i pray day night, confidence has raised too much. Spiritually i have read and eagerly learning more a bout creation. I feel I can feel to be in a relaxed world , then one who made it is beyond great or grateful over Earth’s amazements

What’s too unique , science and creations

There are lots of amazements fully on our Earth and beyond it.

I have seen pretty lakes , rivers, mountains , hills and valleys and very beutiful pastures , green in colour as seen. And all these are Earth’s amazements and make it unique….

Living along , the biology in living things . This wishes that some one great artistical started biological science of life is at most great

I haven’t seen any austronomers because amnt eligible yet so as I can be fired more about science beyond planets. Nature is so wonderful under every one and so it is, here I come to bring that LOVE is over all While I was touring, I found out some thing so precious to look, imagine, touchings, and the environment wasn’t all an ugly to trend

Walking around Kampala, I saw a zombie man, having bloody mouth, roting skin , brown in color and energyless

y\n\nou will enjoy most of our stories what you should do blog to register


ou will enjoy most of our stories what you should do blog to registerCant be happy, i was nearly eaten a man eater.

Breathingless , awalking and slow man I called him Dead walking in kampala streets and still living. Even though i alert members, that they dare walk recklessly, or else to burn their reckless walking in night.

Nearly , and not only i saw, Dead man knocked me , in clothes i heard hands grabbing me. This was not enough, not talking but like groaning lion wants to eat . i ran very fast thinking all those walking in kampalaare dead walkers… Thats how i servived being attackemd…

In the movie, …they crash human meat and so those in kampala

999 Emergency call mid night. I was hammered….!

Pipping in the window glasses, I saw him rounding a hand sized, long, wipper while he was coming . Opened a window first to see where I was , and he saw while I was looking very guilty in my eyes . I could not know how I could look un guilty. Meanwhile entered the house hashly and hot tempered, In my hearty situation , I feared if really am die to day ,God may you give a chance I communicate to my parents Alastair option over an ending breath of mine.
” First lady, here a rat has gone under bed mattress! Come we got it out” said the husbands.
May Lord haveercy upon me for ever, I prayed!!!!

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Peace to me an African . Read me, you will be excited when ever you remember me!!!

My story, am aman

Being what am are cant stop my way to being ashining young star, but should support my patriotic aiming forward to agood future.

Looking like ayoung newborn an African always must improve to shine like all his sorronding pearl . My reason is that every sounding a patriotic leader and aconquerer, that driving every African citizen, young or old, to make aperfect suitable story of his regeme .He must all already confronted to laws of acitizen achiever ” arequirement of atrue African.   Seeking this Truth in abook ready to be read, an African shinning  like his sorrounding is all already following where true achievers work from.  There ” I may shine how am supposed” not shining as though on a command. follow our blog abd read more    most good stories 
Build your own self
How so greatful man is , can’t make reach all his destinations,  but may make reach of his destinations , if only calculative effort is put as well as waiting time is multiplied.   That’s make a real man
There fore African leaders may in given time considerably , build what’s looking enough for them rather, trying to think they may do all for the nation. That’s too sad and Avery worthless shame in eyes of a black man/African.        ” One who starts  development is not who  improves it”.  There he can’t see it’s areas of development  and one areal African t o have atrue and fast running and standard growth must live such a life of experience

I have decided to love you, Shure I will love you till our end!!!

Swearing upon our living almighty , our love shall remain till comes it’s expirly .
The clouds are to be our protector, and the ground shall never reach I swear upon my living God
And now all  flowers are urs on
this land, plas it’s living pastures and trees.
I see every thing is well and good, no doubt  I promise heaven and Earth  to you that ” I will love you for ever If I don’t do so my love, my almighty upon whom I swear on upon ,  make atrue judgement, that breaking this real term promise under our love, may he punish fairly , by considering whom brought thy break, and not mearly….

           May it stand , and all tresspasses  i affirm under same promise , that “I will give them not even a single chance , Our love

to be interrupted  I swear upon the true God.     And if I try to fail , may thy Great  upon whom our promise duelling,   to guide me so I not fail wholly. For ever good I swear upon owe it to you and every thing not so good keep it under your command
I swear it upon our same Almighty

I made her “same day” feel how she also made me feel on my March outing!!!

  Once in a while , she cried like an angry dog, pipped, panted, and roawed and this was a tit for tat, thus truelly was a fair play.
Misery can’t burry past thus  doing good can’t cover up all your deadfull deeds in the past.      She made my always perfect march,  an only month in ayear a scar in my face .  My only gifted lover expressed her self to me that ” if I have no work I deserved to die and she remains with wealth since it’s only what most use full in rest of our 50yrs remaining on Earth. . But God was never on her side
   Gently like a cat  , I also could play her . Indeed she never got aware. But her wiseness needed to  destroy rather than avoiding that could make her shine like in a no man’s house. That she wanted so and I laughed what ladies want..!!!!!!!
She could prepare me a very nice and hot tea , sweatest lunches and suppers  like how a responsible woman does, but those were to covering my understanding and truelly it was….
Panicked and in commonly , she could change   . unusually, turning like a fighter , buzzing me in the bed. Couldn’t allow me cover my self a blanket , that it’s hers. I wondered if she knew its cost.
                           More so while we are sitted in the home sits, which costed me lot on buying . She sits , bounces on them, with very dirty feet and she shouts    “now my sits are getting old , when  are the y replaced”.     I just wonder and recall  how the seller was nearly killing me in public when I almost failed to pay back his balance.  Then who owns them!!!?            
Keeping all those in my mind , I shut down when she says so.  One day , I was sitted in a public of people, there she came ” my wife”    at home, indecently,   too dirty shoes, disorganised hair , on addition to making noise.
I experienced that biggest shame .  They questioned her of un cleaned shoes , then she answered so “my husband there sitted on a bench , in four ladies around her , can never buy me shoe polish, and rather buys necklace s for new ladies.follow us to read more of our stories from today…..

Africa loves a free man

I love Africa, Africa my home , I make it better thus this i always Dream . If all world was a pretty Africa
If all waters were all a frica
If all love was for Africa
Africa love me forever, in my poverty.
Africa do not hate any one , you may hurt.
Africa believe any one, and consider .
Africa love my country #UGANDA, we have same blood..
Africa make me beutiful, like you , and your pearl
Africa , I pray you God make you no enemy..


Her bossomz were atmost out open sight

And me seeing out of the blue seemed abig crime

That if i dont attend to her, nothing would erase her mind it for ever till life ceases

That her mind may go deep asorrow ful mood and may never perish to turn bak to her normal being, i predicted my mind “that could be an assasination!

If great people were the mangoes to be for women, why the non gret were created?

She continued that if only her bozomz are fed what from my neckedness great chest, would make asweetest night ,an

When Eve walked (among them)

Live & Learn

When Eve walked among
the animals and named them –
nightingale, red-shouldered hawk,
fiddler crab, fallow deer –
I wonder if she ever wanted
them to speak back, looked into
their wide wonderful eyes and
whispered, Name me, name me.

Ada Limón, “A Name” in The Carrying: Poems (August 14, 2018)

Ada Limón, 42, is an American poet. She was a finalist for the 2015 National Book Award in Poetry.  In an interview by Suzannah Windsor in April 21, 2014 in Compose Journal, Ada Limón: “My grandfather on my father’s side was from San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico. He crossed the border as a child in 1917 after his family’s land was confiscated by Pancho Villa’s troops during the Mexican revolution. I was not raised in a bilingual family. My grandfather rarely spoke Spanish even. He worked hard to assimilate into U.S. culture, growing…

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